All Our Custom Name Tags

Are made from expanded high density, polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Custom full color high resolution graphics, laminated for long life and durability. Designed to match your costume colors and your character.

*Please Specify size when ordering*

Now in two sizes:

Regular appoxamatly 5" wide by 3" tall depending on shape

Mini appoxamatly 3.5" wide by 2" tall depending on shape

*Please Specify size when ordering*

Stock Shapes $15 Custom cut shapes $40

**Note a mock-up of the design will be sent to your email prior to printingfor your approval. (If a responce for that mock-up is not send with in three days we assume you are ok with the design and will print as is.)

Six standard styles available

Oval Shape

Rectangle Shape

Marquee Shape

Girl Bow Shape

Bowtie Shape

Balloon Dog Shape

Custom Cut Contour  Shape

Custom cut shapes $40

Balloon Shape

Foam Cannon shape

Pallet shape

Round shape

Cardboard shape

Teddy Bear shape

Bone shape

Ornimate shape

Filagree shape

Pansy shape

Holly shape

Marquee 2

Game Show